Transform Your Workflow with Tailored AI Teams

Effortlessly configure and manage AI agents tailored to your specific organizational needs
no coding required
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We combine precision & brilliance

We combine the precision of vector databases with the brilliance of OpenAI's large language models.

Optimize Your Workflow with Our Customizable AI Team

Create a virtual team of intelligent bots designed to execute tasks autonomously, enhancing efficiency without your constant involvement.


Deploy Seamlessly on Your Preferred Infrastructure

Effortlessly integrate our AI solutions into your private cloud or on-premise servers, ensuring full control and customization.

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Seamless Creation with Drag-and-Drop

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to integrate various data formats - text, PDFs, website links, video, audio, and codebases.

Visual Workflow Management

Fulkrum's visualization feature allows users to easily monitor and control multiple agents and workflows, streamlining project management and facilitating quick adjustments.

Secure On-Prem Deployment

Fulkrum offers secure deployment directly on your servers, ensuring data privacy and security, and keeping your sensitive information under your control.

Pre built teams from our community members

Save time by leveraging a library of pre-built pipelines such as for chatbots and document search. Contribute to the marketplace by sharing your pipelines with other users!

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Expand Your Automation

Give our bots access to a broader range of technologies and connect your own applications to enhance your automation possibilities.

Connect to more than 50 platforms and give your AI teams access to the outer world

Connect to 20+ tools and 30+ web based applications to increase your area of automation

microsoft bing, arxiv, aws lambda, alpha vantage

Your FAQs Answered

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How do I get started with Fulkrum?

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